Move 2 Learn Lab

What is Move 2 Learn?

This is my research lab at the University of Delaware. My advisor, Dr. Michele Lobo, is the principal investigator and director of the lab.  We are located in the STAR Health Sciences Complex.

What is our mission?

We design and test novel interventions and technologies aimed at improving mobility, function, learning, socializing, independence, and quality of life for people with disabilities.

Who are the M2L Team Members?

I am very lucky in that I get to work with an interdisciplinary team of scholars.  Dr. Lobo is a pediatric physical therapist and assistant professor at UD. Dr. Iryna Babik is a post-doc and her background is in developmental psychology.  Ben Greenspan is a grad student in biomechanics, with a BS from Mechanical Engineering.  And I am a PhD student in biomechanics with a BS and MS in fashion.

We also count all of our families and therapists as key team members as well. We could not do what we do without their feedback.  Each family I work with is truly a “co-designer”, helping me to create devices that suit their needs…and their style!

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