Social Gaming

For this assignment, we needed to design a game for a local business.  The goal of the game was to engage both customers & employees in a mutual satisfying way.  The choice of business was fairly open, but we could select the store from assignment #1.  I chose to select the store from the previous assignment, as well as to create a game that would address some of what I perceived as the store’s current business challenges.

The store is Switch Skate & Snow, otherwise know as Switch.  It is a local skate shop profiled in assignment #1 (persona).  The following images are from the class presentation:

I worked with a partner for this assignment, and I am really pleased with how we worked together and our final concept.  We came to our meeting prepared with initial thoughts & ideas about the assignment.  However, we used these ideas not as definite concepts, rather as a platform for building engagement as a team.  We played off one another easily, and the flow of ideas followed.  We used pictures and sketches to communicate and build the game, with each of us having complimentary skills.  I sketched and created the visual narrative, while he captured the story through text.

As I mentioned, I was really happy with the final concept. I think we should have prepared how we wanting to present our ideas to the class.  Our presentation ran long and we overlapped each other with explaining the game and providing the context.  I discovered later that there is an app simulator, which would have been a nice touch for the presentation.  We could have role-played a real scenario with the simulated app.

Overall, the assignment was interesting and challenging.  As a customer, I prefer either zero engagement with store staff or the exact opposite. It depends on the store.  Stores I am visiting out of necessity or for errands, I am most interested in convenience and quick customer service.  For stores that I am recreationally shopping in (fashion and beauty), I am much more open to engaging with employees, especially if they are sharing information relative to the shopping experience.  This concept of creating a game for store engagement was challenging, and I needed to think in a different mindset, to think given the persona I had created for assignment #1: how would this customer feel engaged? To me this was key for this social gaming assignment.

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