Repurposing Objects Assignment

For this assignment, we repurposed a commonly used item from our own activities of daily living.  Once we selected an item, we needed to mindmap to two levels: primary ideas based on the material properties of the object & secondary ideas based on three primary levels alone.

My object was a pair of TOMS tortoise shell sunglasses.

mindmapmindmap detail

My goal was to write as quickly as possible, then I wrote some notes on what was working/not working, ideas to explore, and possible selections for the next phase. This next phase referenced the d school method of storytelling – creating different types of POV: madlibs, analogies, and want ads. These types were explained in the d school readings, and consisted of created storyboards using three different approaches.  Each one should be generated from a separate object/primary/secondary relationship.

POV Madlib: sunglasses – protection – armor


POV Analogy: sunglasses – fashion – avant garde


POV Want Ad: sunglasses – tortoise shell – exotic


The process of mindmapping was fun and a comfortable technique.  I think mindmapping should be a quick exercise.  Once I had ideas that appealed to me, I stopped. Mistake! It would have been valuable to keep going and exhaust my thinking.

Storyboarding was much more difficult for me. I found I needed to step away from the assignment frequently – it took several days to complete.  Part of the challenge was allowing myself to ideate without a direction in mind, and to select which image would best represent the concept per panel.  I approached the assignment from an advertising campaign domain, which made the assignment make more sense to me.  The process ended with being satisfying, but challenging in an unexpected way.

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