Designing Experience


Product: Fage yogurt


 mind map

Container: old fashioned shape (reminds me of European groceries); foil top & wax paper – freshness and quality to product properties; smoothness – relates to product itself

Aesthetics: negative space – clean, simple, & white – product itself; logo – looks “foreign” and therefore authentic; font for “total 0%” also looks like imported item; only text besides nutrition & ingredients is rBGH denouncement (healthy & quality) and simple “All natural, nonfat and greek strained yogurt” (again noting simplicity); pronunciation guide lends authenticity

Company Branding Message: Fage WebsiteMarketing message aligns with my own perceptions – Greek product, artisanal, and simple.  The website has lots of white space; product page is very minimal; Marketing message focuses on freshness and simple ingredients.  Surprised by heavy focus on recipes.
Opportunities – About me page could be homepage – really sells the cultural authenticity and natural product. Container color splash is lost for meaning.

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