Designing Experience Part 2

Goal: To add market value of the selected product (Fage yogurt) by exaggerating positive product perceptions that will strategically differentiate the product from competitors.

Strategy: Original product perceptions had to do with the high quality, simplicity, and authenticity of the product. Taking these ideas and matching them with current food product trends, I decided to envision Fage as an artisanal, small-batch product.

food 1

This category of packaged food has become a marketing trend, appealing to a growing number of consumers that are interested in homemade, whole ingredient foods. These are the same middle class customers shopping at farmer’s markets, seeking out food truck vendors, and eating at farm to table restaurants. This customer seeks the hand-crafted, the authentic, and is willing to pay slightly higher prices.

The new Fage yogurt will be the exact same product, with packaging that will appeal to this customer base.

The final product will have a clear glass jam jar, brown paper label, iconic style logo, with Greek-referential font.

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