User centered research & empathetic design drives my work.  The “problem” could be designing  comfortable high-performance clothing for an athlete or designing clothing embedded with e-textiles – either way what inspires me is my user. What are the needs? How can the design be helpful, useful, & fulfilling?  In my design work, research inquires, & collaborations, the key criteria: be user centered & high impact.

Director of Innovation for the College of Health Sciences @University of Delaware. Projects include protective apparel of athletes, exoskeletal garments to promote mobility, clothing embedded with biofeedback monitoring, adaptive fashion, and smart footwear/medical devices.  Holds four patents in wearable technology.

Fashion designer with a Ph.D.  in Biomechanics and Movement Science..  Training in kinesiology, human development, and coding for wearable electronics and biomechanical analysis.  I use my design expertise to research wearable technology for health sciences: merging fashion & function to augment human performance and support independence and social mobility for people with disabilities.

Teaching and mentoring students is the core.  My research informs my teaching by fostering interdisciplinary thinking and social impact.  Mentoring students to be successful 21st century fashion industry professionals, they need to collaborate effectively, empathize with users, and seek innovative design solutions.