Collab Design

Collaborative design scholarship with six fashion faculty members, titled Leuco State.

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Design Brief
Inspired by indigo dyeing techniques and modern textile design, the six designers collaborated on textile & apparel design project.  Create a five piece ensemble that explored traditional indigo techniques in a collaborative, iterative, and innovative way.
Leuco State  project members: Kelly Cobb (PI), Jo Kallal, Belinda Orzada, Adriana Gorea, Katya Roelse, & Martha Hall.

Design Process
Traditional indigo dye workshop to learn pattern and colorways using this medium.  Next, samples from workshop were manipulated in Adobe Photoshop, to create a new hybrid textile print.

Group ideation sessions & online forum used to inform final designs for ensemble.
Each member given a component to design.  Five elements for the final ensemble: top, skirt, leggings, bodice, and jacket. I would design the leggings.

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Inspiration came from sustainable design practices, specifically subtraction cutting techniques.  This technique involves cutting holes into yardage, in order to allow the body to pass through.  The final results are usually amorphous & organically shaped, almost avant garde.  To keep the look more minimal, I  created a draped legging that was both zero waste and used subtraction cutting techniques to create a streamline result.

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Individual Design Solution
The shaping of the leg was done on the form in muslin and transferred to the final fabric. The waist was slashed and folded to create a casing.  All of the cut yardage was cut on the bias and woven into ties for the drawstring waistband.  When worn, the top portion of the garment folds to the front to create a apron-like skirt.  The sides fall into a cascade along the pant outseam.

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