Rehab Device

PlayskinDuo is a recent functional design project for pediatric rehabilitative intervention.  We are currently conducting a pilot study with children with hemiplegia, a motor impairment in which only one half of the body is affected.  Traditionally, rehabilitative interventions for children with hemiplegia involve casting the unaffected arm, in order to build strength in the affected arm. The child is forced to use the weaker or immobile limb, with the goal of improved strength, coordination, and bimanual activity.

For this project, our goal was to create a wearable device that would softly constrain the unaffected arm, yet allow said arm to be available for bimanual activity and fall prevention.  The resulting device is a two piece wearable: (1) a flexible yet rigid removable sleeve with elasticized straps attaching to (2) a wide detachable belt.  The sleeve is a one-size-fits-most design that has adjustable closures and adjustable straps attaching to the neoprene belt.  The straps allow for customized constraint.

Playskin DUO

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